Joe$tarr Spicing it up with New upcoming (single) “club”


Joe$tarr just droped a new (music video) the other day featuring two tracks “icy” and “paradise”.

He announced that he will be dropping a new single on his 23rd birthday March 6th called “club” a real catchy club banger where joe$tarr is starting to go with more of an “autotune” sound. While he is rapping which gives it a little more flavor compared to when he first came in the game I have to say it is very unique and he has found his own lane.

We seen glimpses of auto-tune in songs like “hold up” but it was not as noticeable like this new track “club”and you should stay on the look out for joe$tarr’s new release March 6th Also joe$tarr announces that he has some upcoming showcases soon where he is going to perform his upcoming single “club” at platinumJones birthday bash in New York.

It’s been a while since joe$tarr has been doing shows he was last seen at zone 6 showcase back in 2019. He always brings energy to the crowd even if the crowd does not show a lot of energy he still makes his presence felt and you can just tell that he is having a good time out there.

Looking forward to see how he comes back out there because now he has a whole catalog of music to choose from that will have the club vibing and that’s should give him more confident to perform like usually.

Find his music here:

Instagram: @joe5tarr

YouTube: Joe5tarr

SoundCloud: joe5tarr


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