Misery (Mastered For Headphones) – Terry Blade

Misery is a new 6-track Indie R&B & Soul EP by singer/songwriter Terry Blade which explores themes of mental illness and loss, particularly the sinister effects of loneliness and depression on the human psyche. Every single track on the EP powerfully describes feelings that everyone can relate to in one form or another, and the stellar production values + vocal abilities of Blade make it as pleasing to the ears as it is to the heart.

The EP starts with ‘The Unloveable’, a track that immediately demonstrates the soulful vocal ability of Blade and jumps straight into highly relatable symptoms of depression, with a focus on the hidden insecurities about feeling like nobody will truly love you. The mellow guitar strings that pervade the track create a solid foundation that informs/prepares listeners for the rest of the EP.

Track 2, ‘The Mentally Ill’, more directly addresses the behaviors mentally ill people exhibit to those around them, such as staying in bed for long periods, feeling hopeless, and wearing a fake smile to keep up pretense. The slow beat is supported by soothing backing vocals that really create a strong atmosphere.

The EP’s third track, ‘The Widow’, takes a unique perspective of a woman losing her ‘superhero’ partner in her life – someone who completed her and causes her to feel empty now that they are gone. This track has a catchy chorus and is an impressive example of Blade’s ability to effectively encapsulate the thoughts and feelings of another person’s experience and connect it to the overall theme of the EP.

The 4th track, and our favorite, ‘Broken’ feels more cynical, but is steeped in authentic feeling. It has a catchy chorus and guitar riff and is definitely something you can imagine a crowd singing along to as an anthem dedicated to manipulative ex-lovers.

The next track, ‘The Other Side’ seems to explore the new perspective an individual gets when they put some distance between them and someone who has caused them pain. The strong melodic guitar strings and rhythmic vocals create a track that flows incredibly well.

Last, but certainly not least, ‘Tick Tock (The Lonely)’ feels like the most experimental track on the EP, with a surreal feeling punctuated by atmospheric electronic stabs and strong backing vocals. The soft-rap breakdown in the middle of the track helps give the track a uniqueness that’s perfect for bookending the EP.

Misery is an EP you can tell was made with sincere passion from an artist who is able to translate their personal experiences into something that is both as entertaining as it is insightful. Even without appreciating the subtext of each song, Blade’s natural vocal ability makes Misery a highly enjoyable listening experience from start to finish.