Singer Songwriter Ostarè Releases Self Empowerment Anthem Show Em What You’ve Got

Ostarè is a singer songwriter and performer with an inspiring story that can be felt in every single song she makes.

Ostarè shares her name with the goddess of Spring, a fitting name as she focuses on themes of rebirth and growth in her music. After a troubling childhood, Ostarè moved to the U.S. from France and began to train as a musician. Music became an escape for her and is a powerful way for her to communicate her message and empower others to find their own purpose. Ostarè believes that her mission is to heal the inner child through music and help move people through into a more positive and loving life.

A devastating car accident inspired her to explore more emotional themes of healing, enlightenment, and resurrection. This new direction comes to fruition in the captivating new single “Show Em What You’ve Got”.

“Show Em What You’ve Got” is all about embracing self expression and realizing the power that belief in yourself holds. The catchy beat underpins Ostarè’s empowering lyrical content and message of self love. The song is an instant confidence boost and spreads a message that challenges superficial materialism and makes way for authenticity.

After the success of her 2021 release “God Loves a Woman” it has become clear that the new direction that Ostarè has taken is inspiring countless individuals across the world.

Both “God Loves a Woman” and “Show Em What You’ve Got” speak directly to people who are in need of an uplifting force in their lives. Each and every song provides inspiration to those who have experienced hardships and struggle and encourages them to find the strength that is within them.


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