Reasons why everyone should join a band

Being in a band certainly does have a lot of benefits. Now there are a few different types of bands, you could be thinking of a band like The Beatles or your typical school band. All different types of bands have a similar benefit to them and can leave lasting impacts on your life.

No matter what your age or your skill there are certainly others out there that you can join together and create a band. You don’t have to be a pro and create top hits; it can be more of a get together and jam out a few songs that you’ve heard on the radio.

When joining a band it is important to find other like minded people, that way the band is more likely going to stick together. If you are still in school then the easiest option is to join the school band. If you are no long in school and not a full time musician, then it is a little be more tricky as there are other aspects that fill up people’s time, like relationships, work and children.

This is why finding people on a similar wavelength are important. Think about what you want the band to achieve. Is it just a jam session together with some friends? Or are you looking to play live in front of an audience? These types of questions will determine how serious you take band practice and how regularly you all get together to play.

While joining a band can be hard work at times, it is important that for the overall experience you have a lot of fun. You also have the potential to meet new people, and also play a lot of awesome songs. If you gel well together with your band mates then practicing together will be fun!

So, have a look below at some of the main reasons why everyone should join a band at some point in their life:

Reason #1: No natural talent required

Some people are just naturally musically gifted, good for them! If you are one of the many who aren’t actually that naturally gifted when it comes to music, then it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play and join a band. However, if you aren’t naturally gifted then you will probably have to work a little bit harder to reach overall band goals.

A good idea is to get private lessons to try and get yourself up to speed a little bit faster. Your teacher also might know other like minded people and introduce you and you can jam together. If you are still in school then learning how to play an instrument to begin with actually has a lot of benefits on its own, combine that with the benefits of being in a band and you’re learning some really awesome skills.

Reason #2: Learn how to be a part of a team

Teamwork is a very valuable skill that is important in all stages of your life. Being in a band helps to build teamwork as you have to work with others to achieve a common goal. You have to understand that everyone is different and they learn in different ways. You have to be understanding and like each other to reach your goals.

When in a band it is important that you listen to other people’s ideas and you have to remember that it isn’t just all about you. If you are too much of a “diva” so to speak they may ask you to leave! It is important that you are inclusive and don’t put anyone down.

joining a band why you should start
Photo: Yuting Gao, Pexels.

Reason #3: Helps build up your confidence

Learning how to play an instrument can show you all that you are capable of and really help build your confidence. When your are in a band this feeling can be amplified as others can also help to build your confidence by telling you how great the song the band is practicing is coming along.

Also, if you do end up playing in front of a live audience, nothing beats the rush of nailing a song and hearing the applause at the end, that really does help build your confidence as well. Having good confidence and self belief can help you in other areas of your life as well as help you stand up for your beliefs and what you think is right.

Reason #4: Teaches you how to commit

Being is a band is likely to be a long term commitment, you cannot be wishy washy and pick and choose when you want to play. There needs to be commitment and structure to when your band practices. No matter when you start playing an instrument or when you join a band it is important that you dedicate time to it.

Unlike just playing on your own, when you are in a band you have others that are counting on you to learn your part of the song and not let the team down. So make sure you set up a practice schedule and follow it. Remember that you are probably going to have to practice on your own as well as with the band all together.

Reason #5: Builds new friendships

At the best of times it can be difficult to make new friends, especially if you are an adult and have all these other commitments you have to follow through on. Well, being in a band can help this can you can build some new friendships, no matter how old you are.

Being in a band means that you have to spend a certain amount of time together. This means that you will end up learning more about each other and build connections. These connections may turn into friendships and you could end up spending more time together outside of typical band practice time!

Reason #6: Have lots of fun

Being in a band can actually be a lot of fun, yes it can be hard work sometimes, but overall it should be fun. You get to learn new songs, reach goals together, be a part of a team and have that sense of achievement when playing in front of an audience/ or competing (if that is something your band wishes to do).

Having fun can make you feel happier and this can be carried through other aspects of your life, generally making you an overall happy person. When you are happy and have a good support network around you, you are more likely to succeed and achieve your goals in every aspect of your life.

Reason #7: It’s a stress relief

Stress is a very common part of all people’s lives, no matter their age. So it is important that every now and again you find something that has the ability to relieve some of that stress, and being in a band is certainly a good place to start.

In a band you can have a break from the typical grind that is everyday life and just think about the music. It is fun and you don’t have to worry about anything for just a little while. It clears your mind and helps you keep calm.