Scott Hughes: ‘In It Together: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All’ Is The Think Piece Everyone Needs To Read At Some Stage In Their Life

Have you ever read a book and felt it was not thought-provoking enough? With Scott Hughes’ latest book ‘In It Together: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All’, you’ll never have to worry about this. The non-fiction book tells a tale of the human condition and how similar we truly are. Following on the themes of life, love, and philosophy, he makes us question the meaning of it all and what it means to have a fruitful life. By simply spending a good afternoon perusing through the book, you’ll be left forever changed wondering how you can make the most out of the time you have with the people you love.

Scott Hughes

Hughes is no stranger when it comes to uniting others through his work as the founder of OnlineBookClub. He built the platform in 2006 with the hopes to foster connections between readers and writers alike from across the globe which now rakes up a few million users on the website. Building discussions for fans to review other books and share their own perspectives has helped create a new generation that is much better read than previous generations before. Through his work, he hopes to help other people think in every action or word they make to move past the traumas brought to us by history.

Taking on varying perspectives from cherished artists, spokespeople, and celebrities, their quotes and life stories are referenced to help you apply their teachings to your everyday life. Whether you are looking to decide on who to love, who your friends are, and what to do with your life, Hughes hopes these words offer a simple guide to help you find the answer you are looking for. His range of viewpoints will hopefully allow you to understand more about yourself and connect deeper with others.

Scott Hughes

‘In It Together: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All’ is a prime example of a story that never gets old.  Love is a common theme in all of our lives, and it is what ties us together. Hughes hopes that through these words, you can start to think a bit more about the kind of life you want to lead for yourself.

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