50 Cent catches fire on social media, shades Oprah and Nick Cannon


50 Cent voiced out his opinion that Oprah has been targeting prominent black men who were implicated for allegedly being sexual predator but gives a pass for Caucasian men.

50 went on to Instagram and called out the talk show legend and said that he did not understand why Winfrey was going after black men while staying silent when it comes to the likes of Harvey Weinstein but has targeted deceased King of Pop Michael Jackson and entrepreneur Russell Simmons.

The rapper’s rant on Oprah pertains to her upcoming #MeToo-themed documentary highlighting one of the women who accused Russel Simmons of sexual assault Drew Dixon and her ‘After Neverland‘ sit-down with Wade Robson and James Safechuck, the men who has accused Michael Jackson in the past.

After his rant, Fiddy then posted images of Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, and Jeffrey Epstein, labeling the word ‘jail’ for the black men and ‘walk’ for the white guys. The rapper then captioned:

‘You think Oprah doesn’t notice how this s*** is playing out?’

This was not the first time that the two butted heads; the media mogul has criticized the rapper regarding the lyrics of his rap music and in return, the rapper belittled the talk show queen’s audience members. The two put aside their differences back in 2012 during an interview though.

Russell Simmons had a few thoughts of his own regarding Oprah’s upcoming documentary as well. The music mogul went to Instagram, dragging the talk show host in a lengthy post. In the post, he began with a somewhat positive statement saying that Oprah had been a shining beacon for his family and community and have contributed to his life, which was the reason why he was baffled why Oprah’s upcoming documentary has singled him out:

Oprah isn’t the only person Fiddy is beefing with. The rapper has also fired shots at Nick Cannon for his recent antics dropping two quick diss tracks aimed at Eminem, whom everyone knows is close with 50 Cent. The rapper, again on Instagram, posted a photo of Eminem with the caption: 

“Believe in restoring the game. Even if it means destroying all the players.”

Oprah’s documentary will premiere on Apple+ in 2020, with filmmakers Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick who came into prominence via their sexual-assault documentaries The Hunting Ground and The Invisible War slated to direct the documentary. It was also announced that Oprah has been working with Prince Harry as co-executive producers on a mental health-themed series for Apple+ which is also slated for 2020.


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