6 of the best music related sites and blogs


Music is a very powerful industry and it has the ability to even shape other industries as well. A lot of things about music have changed over the past few decades, from how we physically listen to music to the type of music being created.

One of the biggest influences on the change of music has certainly been the internet. These days there is just so much more music available at our fingertips.

With online streaming services available on all devices you are now able to listen to music for free (or a low cost) were ever you go. No matter the type of music you are looking for, you are sure to find exactly what you want with relative ease. There are even sites and apps out there that designed to help you find more music that you will like.

With so much new music available it can be difficult to find the right type of music you are looking for without wasting too much of your time. Yes, you can just stick to the stock standard songs that you’ve been listening to for months, but where is the fun in that? It is always a good idea to branch out and see what else is available for you to listen to.

If you are on the hunt for anything related to music, then it is certainly recommended that you try looking at an online music related site or a music blog as these sites can guide you on your quest. It is important to only visit the most trusted and well known online music related sites, as they can provide you with a reliable opinion.

With so many different music related sites and blogs out there, by only focusing on the most influential ones, you are essentially weeding out the crap and can focus on quality sources and information. These places are good to get the ball rolling when trying to find new music as it can spark new ideas.

So, have a look below at some of the best music related sites and blogs that you should certainly bookmark and check back regularly to get your latest fix of new music information:

Chillout Radio

Yes, it is our Radio Station🙂 As the name suggest, this website is also a radio where you can listen to the latest music. We also have an app for easy access to this radio while you are on the go – no longer do you need to be in a car or have a stereo to listen to the radio!

While you may find that a lot of radios have ads, this is something you will not hear on Chillout Radio. All you’ll be able to hear is the classic chill or relaxing songs and the latest hits.

You can download the apps from:

Along with the radio providing awesome chill music, we also have a news section which include information about what is happening in the industry as well as featured articles.

You can even filter the articles by category so you can focus on reading only the type of information you actually care about. So, if you need a good chill session to relax and unwind from the stresses of the day, then this is a good place to start.


This online music site is one of the most well known in the industry, and there is good reason for it as well! This site is updated very regularly so you know you are getting all the latest information possible.

They also cover other areas such as “Music Tech”, “DIY” and “Charts”. You can also sign up to the Hypebot newsletter so you can get the daily low down of everything that has happen straight to your inbox!

Hypebot covers a wide variety of topics in the music industry, so no matter what you are looking for, you’ll probably be able to find it here. They also have a charts section of their site where you can filter by “emerging artists” or “established artists” as well as the country and city.

Here you also have the ability to play the song, track the song/ artists and see if there are any tickets available to that particular artist live in concert.

Your EDM

If you are into EDM (Electronic Dance Music) then this site is definitely for you! Everything you need to stay up to date with the latest in this music genre can be found here. This includes all the latest news as well as featured articles and sub sections/ genres of EDM (like house and bass).

On this site you even have the ability to download free songs, from a variety of different artists trying to make a name for themselves in the industry.

All the different sub genres are listed on the site as well, so even if your taste is really narrow in EDM, you are still able to find some great information about it. New information is updated almost daily, so you know you are able to stay up to date on everything related to EDM. Make sure you follow them on social media as well, so it is even easier to get updated on the latest information.



Pitchfork brags to have “the most important stories in music…from the most trusted name in music”, by that standard it is easy to see why they are one of the most popular music website’s. The writers are continually updating the website with the latest information about all different types of stories related to the music industry.

No matter the story, if it is important, then Pitchfork will cover it comprehensively. One of the best things about this site is the “Best New Music” section and it is updated quite regularly, which is awesome if you are looking to try out something new. Pitchfork even have their own music festival going in mid July which boast over 40 bands across 3 different stages.

All Music

All Music doesn’t really have as much news on the music industry as the others listed here, but their focus is mainly on providing information in new music and helping visitors discover their next obsession.

They also provide recommendations if you create an account, and once you have rated albums, you will get recommendation on what you should listen to next.

They cover music from all the most common genres including; pop, rap, electronic, classical, blues, country and more. They provide an in depth review of all the latest albums and give options on how to stream the tunes, if you want to.

There are three different rating available to view, “All Music Rating”, “User Ratings” and “Your Rating” so you can have a more detail view on what people think about a particular album.

Music – Reddit

As is the case in a lot of different industries, a good place to start looking for something is on social media, this includes Reddit. Other users are positing on this social media platform very regularly, so you know you are getting the latest information. However, it is always a good idea to fact check any information before you take it to heart.

Reddit provides different categories of posts so you are able to easily filter out and find what you are looking for. For those looking to share their music online, Reddit is a place you can do it, but make sure you read their guide to promoting your music before.


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