Bourbon Whiz is a clever and entertaining parody of The Wizard of Oz you need to see

Everybody loves The Wizard of Oz, and it’s a film that’s been studied, reimagined, and parodied endlessly over the decades. A fish out of water tale with a simplistic structure, The Wizard of Oz is a truly timeless tale that everyone can relate to in one way or another.

Sketchy Characters, a New Orleans-based comedy company, has done their own parody of The Wizard of Oz titled “Bourbon Whiz” that puts a scintillating adult twist on the classic story. In the feature-length parody, the main Dorothy character (named Dotty) meets a series of strange and eccentric individuals who join her to reach the titular Bourbon Whiz and battle the Wicked Stripper of the West Bank.

Following the same story beats as the original film, Bourbon Whiz’s tongue-in-cheek sexual humor makes for plenty of laugh out loud moments. Every scene has a new twist on something from The Wizard of Oz that makes you appreciate the cleverness of the writers.

Bourbon Whiz is a true parody in a world where this kind of production is seen less and less in the mainstream. Bringing a long list of talented actors and performers together, the film has a rawness to it that really tells you that sincere passion was put into its creation.

Backed up by great effects and costuming, the movie is visually impressive from start-to-finish. While not taking itself seriously at all, Bourbon Whiz certainly has some serious entertainment value, especially if you’re a few drinks in with a group of friends.

You can watch the full movie for free on YouTube here.