“More Than Words” Parody, “Back to Work”, is the lockdown anthem you need to hear


Amidst the deadly serious atmosphere that the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has created across the United States, and the world at large, we all need a little break from the doom and gloom.

No matter where you stand on the issue of re-opening the economy and how the response to the virus should be handled, this Sketchy Characters parody cover of Extreme’s “More Than Words”, titled “Back to Work”, communicates feelings everyone can no doubt relate to while stuck indoors, hoping that things will go back to normal soon.

The great vocal and sound with lyrics like “Back to work is all I want the Governor to say, so I can put on pants finally”, and “I just want a haircut too”, you’ll definitely find something you can relate to and have a chuckle at with this comedic take on a widely known song.

With the pair Armando Leduc and Keith Manasco – both have an amazing vocal sound that harmonizes effortlessly. Teaming up (remotely, of course), they’ve managed to create a convincing take on the original track by Extreme, with its parodic nature only given away by the silly nature of their lyrics (and their wigs aiding their stellar impersonation of Nuno Bettencourt and Gary Cherone).

You’ll come for the light hearted parody, but you’ll stay for the impressive vocal ability of Armando Leduc and Keith Manasco. Having started out as friends making music together in high school, both Leduc and Manasco were able to easily pick up where they left off and deliver something that really captures the gravitas of the original song, rather than being hackneyed version of it (which would have been an easy trap to fall into).

Listening to “Back to Work”, you get a great taste of what this pair can do musically, and we’re eager to see what else they’re going to come up with. Hopefully, once the COVID pandemic settles down, we can see Leduc and Manasco go ‘back to work’ together and showcase more of their combined vocal talent.


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