Shelly Nova’s Wave of Wonders is a soulful treat for the ears


Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Shelly Nova is an exciting new artist whose album Wave of Wonders really lives up to its name and has her debut Caviar Industries album coming out oct 31st. The album is really a gift that keeps on giving, and we were hooked from the intro.

We were lucky enough to get to listen to the album, and we’re so excited to be given the opportunity by Shelly Nova and her management team at Caviar Industries. As this is her first album, Shelly Nova would no doubt be nervous about sharing it for a review, but she has nothing to fear because we really dig it!

Below, we’ll share some of our takeaways from the album.

The album has an almost surreal quality to it, and we find it’s best listened to completely in one sitting to get the full experience. With that said, individual tracks like Hurricane feat. Bizza, or the titular track Wave of Wonders are favorites to listen to over and over again.

The production by So Foreal Beats “SRF” is top-notch, with each track sounding incredibly smooth on our sound system. However, the real star of the show is Shelly and her natural vocal talent, and she carries every track with poise.

Shelly Nova

Shelly Nova is an artist who clearly understands the power of an addictive hook. Her tracks will get stuck in your head, and we’ve found ourselves humming the tune of Hurricane throughout the workday.

Shelly’s voice is truly mesmerizing, and she uplifts you to a trance-like state when you listen to her sing. There is a robust confidence in her vocals that really engrosses you in each track, making it almost impossible to pause a song once you’ve started listening to it.

Her soulful voice has incredible range, and it’s all on display when you listen to Wave of Wonders. She’s got an amazing vocal presence that truly resonates throughout each track and makes the entire album a true treat for the ears.

It’s really impressive that Shelly Nova has been able to produce this amount of high-quality music at only 23 years of age. Having put out something of this quality so early in her career is a sign that she’s definitely an artist to follow to see what she does next.

All in all, Wave of Wonders is a great debut album for Shelly Nova that really showcases her talent as an artist. It also showcases her ability to collaborate with other artists like Bizza, Pearl Morris, and Kenny Cashmere.

We’re really impressed with this album, and it’s certainly going to be added to our list of favorite releases in 2020. Stay tuned to hear more about Shelly Nova and the release of Wave of Wonders October 19th 2020.


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