Mooreyardi, the up and coming artist with a unique sound

Sean Moore, also known as his stage name Mooreyardi, is an up and coming artist with a unique twist to his sound. Born in Lynwood, California and raised in Lancaster, the SDSU student aims to take aspects from all different types of musical genres and combine them to create a robust sound. His music production and sound is something that truly sounds just a bit different from the rest. Having recently released his album “It’s Not A Love Story”, Mooreyardi has seen success on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Tidal, as well as many more.

We sat down with Mooreyardi in order to get a better understanding of him as an artist, and where he plans to take his career.

What made you want to become a professional singer?

In my family, music is something that was always there at cookouts, reunions, and almost every gathering that we went too. I started playing piano at around age 7 and just continued to grow my skills from there; playing saxophone during middle school, and being a part of drumline all throughout high school; but I never actually grounded myself with production, or even thought about being a professional singer until fairly recently. I wanted to become a professional singer because listening to music by various big artists of different genre just was not enough for me. I became fascinated by the craft and I thought to myself, “I can make music too,” so I started producing my own music behind the scenes years before I ever recorded a single. My very first single came years after and was recorded on my phone (LG G6) inside of my dorm at SDSU. I was just singing in my room for about a good 2 hours, trying to find my voice. Once I found it, it inspired me to make more songs, eventually evolving into what you see now.

What are the things that inspire your music?

There are too many things that inspire the music I make. I could be taking a walk and see a tree branch on the ground and think, “wow, that’s so inspiring. I’m going to make a song about that.” Other days, I could think of one simple melody and make a full song based off that melody (this happens more often than never). I say this because I find inspiration in all aspects of life, regardless of how ridiculous it may seem. Growing up, I have always been fascinated in art by how complex, yet simple some artworks can be; and how much depth lies between the lines, containing a glimpse of its full story with each stroke. I try to incorporate these artistic elements in my music production and vocal work while as well, which help me achieve my artistic vision.

Can you describe some of the themes you like to explore with your music?

I like to touch on many different themes that are relevant to the situation at hand; as well as themes about things I have experienced in life. In my music, I express themes of love, heartbreak, realization, finding myself, self-worth, and more. For instance, in my single titled, “King Tut Freestyle,” I touch on the topics of Egyptian wealth in terms of its accumulation of gold during the reign on King Tut. I also juxtapose those ancient concepts of wealth to the modern-day representation of wealth. Additionally, I talk about self-worth in regards to being a king in a world where society tries to silence the voice of minorities, hence the lyrics, “I rise like a Phoenix in sun/ Make sure when you see me, better run.” As mentioned previously, I also like to touch on aspects of love and heartbreak by singing about my experiences about each.

What kind of audience do you feel your music connects with the most?

I feel like my music connects to a wide variety of audiences, but to be specific, it ranges from young teenagers to older generations. In particular, it connects with people who have either experienced that same things I have; people who want to feel self-empowered, people who want to feel good about their significant other, or for those who are just looking to have a good time. I say this because I experiment with all forms of musical genre and mold into my own artistic vision, which is why I have countless different styles of music. My audience connects most to those who want to hear something that is new and unique; a sound that is unheard of and pleasing to the ears and touches the soul.

What is the message you want to share with your “Want Me (Vertical Visualizer)” music?

The main point of the song “Want Me” is to express my emotions on being in a toxic relationship where love is not reciprocated. The visualizer illustrates myself sitting on the ground in this dark place; sitting above a rose made from LED lights, which symbolizes how my inner spirit was in a dark place during this relationship. The rose is a physical representation of my love. So even though my head was in a dark place, I still had a lot more love to give to the world, which helped light the path towards prosperity. So, the song really is not about being broken in a relationship; but is more a message of “love can cure even the darkest things.” I like to use a lot of subtle imagery in my music that reveals the overall message of my songs.

What can fans expect next from Mooreyardi?

My new album, “It’s Not a Love Story,” has just dropped and so I’m planning some big events in the future to celebrate that release. As for what is next, fans can expect even more music for years to come, featuring artists from all over the world. I love hearing different styles of music and love collaborating with different styles even more, so many new collaborations are coming! I will also be doing some networking with many upcoming brands and companies in the works to show off what some of the talented youth is capable of! In addition, I will be building a collective of talented people that will showcase the talent that is present in my hometown. New projects will be dropping next year as well and will be something truly special. I have a lot more exciting things planned for next year and I cannot wait to get started!

Sean Moore Mooreyardi

Thanks Mooreyardi!

That was our session with Mooreyardi with him revealing some important aspects of his artistry, as well as how he perceives his music and how it should be perceived by others. It is always important to be able to understand the message and theme that the artist is trying to convey to you as the audience, and through this interview, we think we can get a better understanding of how the artistic elements of Mooreyardi’s music combines to not only create good sounding music, but also to give off a vibe and a message that will leave the listener feeling some type of way.

We are very excited to see what’s next for Mooreyardi.

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