New Artist Sebastian Döbbelin Talks About Latest EP ‘From The Outdoors’

If there’s one thing we love about instrumental music, it is the emotions that pierce our hearts even with the absence of words. Every strum or playful sound says a story from the artist’s experiences or perspective that creates a world of infinite meanings. And for upcoming artist Sebastian Döbbelin, it is the story of freedom and peace.

“I’ve been making music since, probably, all my life,” says the 31-year-old artist from Germany. “From the Outdoors is the story of all the things I’ve felt while traveling to different places. You can interpret it in whatever way you see it. But, for me, it’s the meaning of freedom and peace.”

Sebastian is originally from Germany. And, since moving to Spain, he’s been exploring all possibilities with regards to his music. “I’ve tried drums before, but everyone is already doing it,” he said. “But, a friend of mine, about a year ago, told me about a digital audio station, and that’s when everything started.”

Sebastian is a self-thought musician coming from a musically inclined family. He first learned to play guitar when he was 13-years-old. And, since then, he turned to Youtube tutorials in learning production and other musical pieces. “I’m pretty much new to all these things,” says Sebastian. “All I know, so far, is that I want to create music, music that’s authentic and relatable,” he adds.

We asked where he drew his inspiration from, Sebastian was straight to answer “the Red Hot Chili Peppers, of course!” Sebastian tracks are a mixture of alternative rock, psychedelic, and funk. He blends each sound to make it new to the listeners’ ears. “I want to make my music different, fresh, and, most importantly, zen.”

Sebastian also takes inspiration from Stoner Rock, a sound that inspired his track Magic Aquatic. “I want to reinvent each sound and come up with an interpretation that translates my style, a ‘go-with-the-flow’ kind of vibe.”

Sebastian has created two EPs since joining Bandcamp. His first EP entitled Space Roots was released last June 18, 2019, with five tracks available for digital download. Sebastian has also crossed all his music to multiple platforms such as Spotify, Youtube, and SoundCloud.