Everything you need to know about the most forward thinking Architectural Designers of 2019

Published November 29, 2019

Architecture is shaping our everyday lives. Apart from meeting our basic needs, it is an environment that reflects our cultural values, our technological progress and simply keeps us inspired. It is a great pleasure to be surrounded by great architecture and today we are going to talk about most forward thinking creators of Architectural Design of 2019.

  • Haifei Dai and Yanping Zhang

Inspiring young architects that specialize in micro-architecture. Dai and Zhang create elegant minimalist structures – they skillfully play with the openings in the space and visual permeability in the most interesting corners of their buildings. Architects know how to create a perfect blend between being in comfort, but at the same time feeling submerged in nature. www.weestudio.cn

  • Marou Lahoud

Lebanese architect, the author of the most admired church St Elie Church. Monotone colors, simplicity and the game of light create the most serine atmosphere for meditation, prayer, reconnection with God and oneself. www.marounlahoud.com

  • Oswaldo Ortega

Chicago based award winning architectural designer that engages youth in architectural design and helps them to develop spacial thinking. Ortega empowers children through education and makes the profession more relatable and accessible for the young minds.

  • Tiana Plotnikova

Not only Tiana Plotnikova is a talented Architectural Designer with projects in Russia, China, United Kingdom, Qatar and the United States, she is also a renowned creator of Uflow, a platform that reimagines the design process for architectural and urban design professionals worldwide. Tiana created a revolutionary platform that translates Excel data into spacial design and 3D.  www.tianaplotnikova.com

  • Trần Thị Ngụ Ngôn and Nguyễn Hải Long

Vietnamese architects that make emphasis on contextual architecture. The duo creates structures that are in touch with nature, making a big emphasis on permeability of their buildings. Their work shows that best architecture is the responsive architecture – architecture that can exist as one with the nature. www.tropicalspaceil.com

Do you know other creative that are shaping the world of Architectural Design? Share your thoughts below.