Krystal Brown Shared Inspiration Behind Album ‘Lady Sisyphus’

In today’s pop culture, it’s either you’ll spin a catchy phrase or play the popularity game. One could see and feel the difference between current mainstream music to old but goldies tracks from the ’80s, ’90s, and even the early 2000s, which is profused with in-depth narratives.

Songs of the past aspire to tell a story based on the artists’ experiences or visions. It does not limit its self to crafty sound effects. What it does is explore a dynamic variation of sound combined with meaningful representations — the true identity of music, an art form that expands beyond sounds.

And, for Krystal Brown, her debut EP Lady Sisyphus is an accurate representation of self-expression and meaning. The indie artist describes her music as a mixture of dance and ambient vibe, while, at the same time, incorporating sounds from the past and the most recent popular tracks. But, the true sense of Lady Sisyphus is its story — a narrative that deals with topics such as absentee fathers, eating disorders, and the human/animal bond.

“The lyrics go beyond what we are getting from mainstream music today. People are always complaining about the music of today having no ‘meaning.’ I hope I can dispel that stereotype while giving people something enjoyable to listen to,” says Brown.

Brown’s music deals with subjects that are very much apparent nowadays. Her track Buy Me portrays a story of an abusive person using material things to get away with the pain they’ve caused.

Sisyphus is a song about weight issues, which Brown says transpired from her abusive dad.

“Sisyphus is about my weight issues. I was a fat child, and I was always told I was fat because my father was overweight. My father was a deadbeat dad, so I felt the only thing I got from him was weight issues. It was a slap in the face to me. I have lost weight due to medical problems, but I still have numerous mental issues related to my body and weight,” says Brown.

The singer/songwriter also highlighted one of the pressing social issues in her track Sisyphus. She said, “the rates of body dysmorphic disorder and eating disorders are even rising in boys and men today. I think a lot of people could relate to this song, and feeling like you are not alone is the first step to healing.”

Other tracks such as Contempt is the CancerSick of Excuses, and Last to Know are all metaphorical interpretations of relationships and the point of existence. Her song We Don’t Deserve You is, according to Brown, “an ode to our animal friends who could not care less what we look like.”

Krystal Brown’s Lady Sisyphus was released back on May 25, 2018. All tracks are available for download and streaming via Spotify, Bandcamp, Tidal, and more.