[Updated] JHYMN Music Discussed Latest Tracks

If there’s one thing that best describes JHYMN Music, it’s the boldness of embracing the weirdness. We talked with JHYMN Music to take us through each soundtrack in today’s “Upcoming Artist.”

JHYMN core is authenticity. It mixes heavy/centric rhythm with non-traditional sounds and instruments to come up with a unique tone. The tracks are inspired by various cultures of the world, history, and deep past.

The track Denisova plays on a base that is commonly heard in Mediterranean music. Meanwhile, Tyiko has similarities to Asian cultures, with sounds resembling the traditional instruments used by natives in the Southeast Asian regions.

“I’m very interested in all cultures of the world, history, and the deep past; I use that for inspiration a lot,” says Boaty.

Boaty also draws his inspiration from big names such as Freak Kitchen, Kid Cudi, Herbie Hancock, Alkaloid, and Meshuggah. “They inspire me with their ideas and Game soundtracks,” he adds.