Meet Musical Artist Giannis Loud: A Jack of All Trades

Giannis Lou Loudis, professionally known as Giannis Loud, has made a name for himself as an established recording artist, musician and sneaker aficionado within the music world. The celebrated artist has made several media appearances opening up about his musical journey and sharing his love to combine Hip-Hop and shoes with fans. Without a doubt, Giannis has been able to leverage his legendary collection by combining his musical releases with sneaker giveaways––something that allows his fans to have a more interactive experience with the artist and help him solidify his brand.

Giannis Loud uses his time to make music and be involved in his craft, discovering unique habits and sounds and creating a nuanced dynamic with his releases. Giannis Loud also unites with other artists, using his influence as a doorway to bridge the gap for other creatives passionate about starting a brand and merging that with their artistry to enable them to advance their careers.  Many artists struggle to define their niche and end up plateauing, finding the next steps in their career an unforeseen obstacle–-however, Giannis has used this recent pandemic season to hone in on his musical artistry and gauge his next steps for the new year.  Bonding with his audience, revamping his brand, and refining his creative edge is at the forefront of his game plan for music expansion.

As a revered artist and personality, he uses his skill and experience to better the lives of his followers, always encouraging them to fight for what they believe in and stay true to themselves despite the unprecedented times. For example, Giannis Loud strives to ensure his music is as honest and genuine as possible by wearing his heart on his sleeve during the songwriting process to ensure he connects with his audience.

2022 seems only to be the start for the vetted talent––with an ambition to solidify his online presence and fortify a highly expected rollout this year; we can expect much more from him in the public space.

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