10 ninja cats in action

Ninja cats are the funniest cats! Cats are well known for the graceful way they move. This is because they are flexible, nimble and loose, allowing them to navigate even the most difficult of obstacles courses. Unfortunately, dogs don’t quite have the same grace and, let’s face it, are a lot clumsier. So, why are cats so flexible? A lot of this is because they can rotate their spines to a greater extent than other animals. In fact, a cat’s spine has a special elastic cushioning on each vertebrae disk, which allows for this enhanced level of flexibility.

Cats are also very quiet when they move. A cat’s weight is evenly distributed through its four limbs, while the weight of a human is distributed through two legs. Because of this, they can walk and move very quietly, which means they don’t make large, thumping noises when their paws hit the ground. On the other hands, dogs tend to run and move with heavy paws, ensuring that you can hear an approaching dog.

Furthermore, cats are naturally quiet animals because they tend to not vocalise their thoughts. Unlike dogs, which are highly emotional and vocal animals (and often bark incessantly), your cats can exist and enjoy their lives without you even noticing them at times. You’ll see them almost gliding across the backyard (at a quick pace) and they will barely be making a sound. Cats also don’t pant or breath heavily, unlike other animals (especially dogs).

It’s so fun watching them bound around after birds, mice and other small animals, reflecting their natural feline instincts of hunting prey in the wild. All cats, regardless of their size and breed, have these internal instincts and ninja-like qualities. Not convinced? Well, check out some of the following amazing pictures of some ninja-like felines in action!

Here Are the Top 10 Ninja Cats:

1. Cat kung fu fighting

Cat kung fu fighting


2. Cat on a ninja mission

Cat on a ninja mission


3. A real-life game ninja

cat ninja

4. Super Cat fly

Super Cat fly around making sure there's No cat left unscrewed


5. Ninja observer

Ninja observer


6. Fly Ninja

Fly Ninja


7.  Ninja jumper

Ninja jumper


8. Ninja majestic

Ninja majestic


9. Hiden ninja

Hiden ninja


10. Special Ninja

special ninja