Submit Your Post to Music Blogs or Review Your Songs🥇

So, you are looking for music websites accepting guest posts, music reviews, music news or just review your eb or album? You are not alone! There are many music artists searching for same thing. You just need to get the right path. Here is a guide how you can submit your song or guest post to music blogs and how to find the right tunes for you!

How to find the right tunes for you: A beginner’s guide

Whether you’re looking for recent music news or old music interviews with some of your most adored bands or performers, it can be incredibly hard to find the content you’re looking for. Indeed, the best music blogs are out there on the web somewhere, you just need to be willing to put the time in to find them. Having said this, the world of bands and performers is very different to what it was 10 years ago, let alone 30 years ago. Put simply, you need to have some idea of what type of tunes you’re looking for and even several artists’ names up your sleeve as a starting point. This guide will outline several important tips you should use when trying to find the right source for you.

Know your preferences

First thing’s first, you need to know your preferences. Your preferences are likely to change as new bands and genres evolve and develop from existing styles. However, try and pinpoint a few core things you know you like from what you’ve heard so far. It can be broad, like rock or pop, to something incredibly niche, like Folktronica or Electro swing. Whatever it might be, jot down a few genres or sounds that you like to hear in your featured playlists.

Keep up to date with music news

Another thing that will help you find your favourite tunes is to subscribe to entertainment or cultural magazines, which often feature music articles about new albums and performers. This is a great way for you to keep up to date with all the recent stories and music artists interviews. It is common for new and upcoming bands to feature in these magazines or online newsletter, as a way for them to garner traction and publicity as they hope to break into the industry. If you’re willing to try different styles, artists and sounds, keeping yourself well-informed by subscribing to journals and other publications will help a lot!

Use streaming platforms to expand your tastes

While streaming platforms often cop a lot of flak because they can hurt the artist’s ability to maximise their revenue, from a consumer perspective, streaming platforms can be incredibly helpful. Whether it be Spotify, Soundcloud, Pandora or a lesser known streaming model, these platforms can generate mixtapes, playlists and recommend other genres, artists and sounds based off what you’ve been listening to through the app. The benefit of this is obvious – you don’t have to spend hours perusing YouTube or a random music blog list in order to find the sound you are looking for. In fact, you can have well-tailored and well-constructed playlists generated for you in the app, without having to do a thing.

Don’t be afraid to try wacky sub-genres

The thing about contemporary tunes is that it is so incredibly layered and complicated. There are subgenres within subgenres, to the point that there are specific bands often tagged with inventing a new, specific style themselves. If you want to give yourself the best chance of finding the perfect style or band for you, then you need to be willing to try different styles.

In fact, a great way to discover incredibly niche sub-genres is to begin combining some of your favourite genres together. If you take all the large, all-encompassing genres and mix them together, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in the middle of a sub-genre (since this is often how they are formed). Check out some of the most common mixtures:

  • Gothic and Pop = Emo Pop
  • Ambient and Electronic = Chillwave
  • Electronic and Acoustic = Electroacoustic

Support your artists

Regardless of whether you’re checking out an indie music blog or more personal music blogs, it’s important that you support the artists you like from those sources. It’s unfortunate but a lot of small bands and artists don’t have the necessary clout or influence to offer their songs and albums for free. Nonetheless, as is the case with the internet, songs and albums inevitably find their way onto illegal sites, where they are distributed free of charge. For these artists, releasing their tracks and albums is a livelihood and a way for them to make ends meet. Showing your financial support goes a long way to helping them realise their dreams.

Finding the best music blogs

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Music Guest Posts Wanted

At Chillout Radio, we occasionally accept gust posts from music artists.

As outlined earlier, a music blog is probably one of the best ways to expand your knowledge of current artists and discover new sounds that you and your friends might enjoy. There are some awesome sites that provide for a music guest post, possibly from a well-known band or artist. Here’s several potential sites you could be using for your research:

Under the Radar

Under the Radar is the perfect indie music blog from the United States. Indeed, Under the Radar features awesome stories, music interviews or album reviews and other related content designed to help fans follow their favourite stars, bands and performers.

Obscure Sound

Obscure Sound is another relatively well-known indie music blog. They provide readers with awesome content about new, emerging bands and singers, featuring in-depth music interviews and other great content.

Rock Sound

Based in the United Kingdom, Rock Sound brings readers everything they want to know about the latest pop-rock, metal, metalcore and traditional rock tunes. They have developed a reputation for discovering awesome, upcoming talent and are frequently one of the first publications to cover new global bands. They upload consistently too, so you can expect a plethora of content if you sign up and follow them!


XXL Mag specialise in rap music news and hip-hop related content. They have been an active voice in this industry for well over 20 years. When it comes to a music guest post, they upload around 9 times per day (give or take) and have almost 2 million fans on Facebook, while over 5 million on Instagram. Based in New York, XXL Mag deliver great content via both print and online channels for a highly engaged audience.

Ask your friends about your music or guest posts

When it comes to finding the right style bangers for your playlist, you should never underestimate your close friends, especially those who have similar tastes to yours. In fact, one of the most common ways of learning about new bands, singers and groups is through your close social network. If you were to go back and think of your top 5 favourite bands, there’s a good chance that you learnt about most of them through your friends and family. So, if your playlists are in a bit of a rut or you’re not getting the same enjoyment out of what you’re listening to, ask around for new ideas from your friends and family.

“Best of” music articles are helpful for mainstream tastes

If you prefer listening to mainstream tunes, then you should certainly check out some “best of” music articles that dominate most of the most well-known publications. Indeed, “Rolling Stones” magazine, arguably the most well-known entertainment publication in the world, consistently uploads music articles exploring the top bands and performers in a specific genre. If you want to take it to the next step, Rolling Stone have well-known columns that outline the greatest albums of all time and the greatest songs of all time. So, if you down to relax to some of history’s most popular, mainstream tunes, check out what’s available through websites like Rolling Stone.

Use social media more proactively

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great for many reasons. When it comes to spreading your knowledge, social media groups can be incredibly influential and important to the success of new bands and performers. There are heaps of Facebook groups where members upload songs, information, music interviews and albums from unknown bands or solo performers. Being a member of one of these groups will give you access to a plethora of information you may not be able to find on the web or from a music blog.

Remember, many of these social media groups have rules of admission and you’ll often have to answer several questions, which will be assessed in order to verify whether you’ll contribute constructively to the group. It can also be somewhat intimidating joining these groups and, let’s face it, some members can be rather vocal and unforgiving when it comes to sharing their opinions. So just remember to be polite and respectful when interacting with others in these groups.

Don’t forget covers

Finally, it’s important to pursue covers of specific tracks or albums. Some bands will choose to become cover-bands only, particularly if their cover songs get a lot of publicity and support. You might come across a song that has great lyrics that you really enjoy, however, the sound might not be quite right for you. Instead of just dismissing the song or band as something you won’t like, research the song to see if there are any covers of it by bands that are more your style!


At the end of the day, if you want to find the perfect tunes for you, make sure you stick to the tips and advice listed in this article. With this advice, you’ll find the best music articles, music interviews and other related content you need to find some awesome new bands, singers and groups. It doesn’t matter how specific or niche your preferences are, because there is a wealth of information available online. You just need to know how to find it!