30 best Indie Music Blogs to submit and promote your music

Are you an artist or musician trying to break into the music scene? It can be insanely hard to garner any traction or awareness of your music if you don’t have connections in the industry. Thankfully, there are heaps of websites and blogs that are specifically tailored to promoting various types of music. If you’re trying to foster awareness of your indie tunes, here are 30 of the best music blogs you should reach out to do just that.

30 Best Indie Music For Your Submission:

#1 Chillout Radio

Although we are playing chill out music, we also welcome your indie music. Our radio station has international listeners from all countries. Also, we would be happy to do an interview with you and publish it on our website. See some interviews here.

#2 Indie Central Music

Based in the heart of the United Kingdom, Indie Central Music is run by Stephen, George, Alex and Adam. They discover new emerging indie talent every week, which they stream and explore on their blog and radio podcast. If you are a massive fan of smaller bands, Indie Central Music is the blog for you.

#3 Drunken Werewolf

Drunken Werewolf is the product of Tiffany Daniels, a well-known journalist with editing and copywriting experience. If you’re an artist just starting out, Drunken Werewolf is a great place to learn. Their website features a comprehensive explanation that details how to submit your music and how it will be reviewed. Drunken Werewolf also features content on new emerging indie artists, live events, new albums and interviews with future stars in the marking.

#4 Santa Rosa Records

Based in Texas, Santa Rosa is an indie label that explores obscure music talent all over the world. Their posts aren’t wordy or verbose, instead the writers strive to be concise and straightforward with their readers and followers. They also include interviews with new artists, breaking down that artist’s creative process.

#5 The Owl Mag

Why is it called The Owl Mag? Well, “owls are nocturnal and wise, like our readers.” The Owl Mag is great for artists and lovers of music. They provide their readers with a range of awesome freebies, like ticket giveaways. Based in San Francisco, a city well known for its culture and love of the arts, The Owl Mag is every blogger’s music delight.

#6 Atwood Magazine

Atwood Magazine is another indie music blog that thrives on its independence and creative autonomy. Their purpose is not to simply report on new independent music, but to provide readers with the stories underpinning music and their creators. They are motivated by genuine writing and unique musical perspectives. If you want your indie music heard, reach out to Atwood Magazine.

#7 The Alternative Feed

While it might sound pretentious or exclusive, The Alternative Feed is anything but. Naturally, this is awesome news for readers, since many indie blogs tend to be a bit snobbish and take themselves a bit too seriously. The Alternative Feed focuses on one thing pure and simple: good music. If you lean more towards the pop side of indie bangers, then The Alternative Feed should be at the top of your own list.

#8 Earmilk

Yes, the name is a little weird and out there, but the music is perfect for all types of indie music lovers. Earmilk was created by Blake Edwards and Montrey Whittaker and is based across the United States and Canada. When it comes to submitting music, Earmilk uses a platform known as SubmitHub, which is an easy to use portal for music submissions.

#9 Cougar Microbes

Cougar Microbes has quite a large team of writers (11), which enables them to cover a wide range of topics, artists and albums. Like Earmilk, Cougar Microbes use SubmitHub for musicians who wish to upload their tunes and efforts to this blog. Each week, they also upload a new music video from a different artist every single week.

#10 Various Small Flames

Various Small Flames is one of the only indie music blogs to feature…books. Why do they include long-form literature? Well, one of the editors (Jon) is a passionate PhD candidate and writer, so he likes to blend books with music interviews, featured articles, reviews, mixtapes and previews of new music content!

#11 IndieAir

Founded in May 2014, IndieAir value quality over quantity, limiting their posts to around 1 post per week. They have close to 10 000 Facebook followers and 1000 Instagram followers. Check out this US-based blog via YouTube or Instagram to get access to new music from little-known indie performers.

#12 Indiemusic – Reddit

Reddit has emerged as the social haven for all things related to human experiences. Whether it be economics, politics, memes or even music, reddit is a great place to share your ideas with other like-minded fans and artists. Indiemusic is a well-known subreddit that sees about 16 new posts per day. It has over 1.4 million Facebook fans and nearly 700 000 Twitter fans. While the focus is more on discussing new indie music, followers are still encouraged to share their music if they so wish.

#13 MusicTalks

MusicTalks is a wonderful indie music blog that supports up and coming independent artists. Their database also features a plethora of great, insightful information for musicians hoping to break into the music scene and attract fans. MusicTalks features previews, reviews, interviews, guest talks, teen talks and a new music video every week. If you want a complete indie blog experience, MusicTalks is a great place to start.

#14 GorillavsBear

GorillavsBear is based in Texas, United States. Not only does their website feature awesome content about fresh indie music talent, but it features photographic collections of the blog’s favourite artists. So, if you love indie tunes and you have a keen eye for niche photography, check out some of the polaroids on their website!

#15 Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle is more focused on sounds than conventional music. What does this mean? Well, don’t expect them to do a massive write-up for your group or band, however, you can expect to get featured if your music is good enough. Their site is updated all the time to ensure that a steady flow of new music is always on the horizon. Fun fact, the founder of Indie Shuffle went on to create SubmitHub (remember that name?), which is used by a lot of indie music blogs.

#16 Neon Filler

Founded in 2009 by Joe Lepper and Dorian Rogers, Neon Filler has grown immensely over the past decades. Their blog features a variety of different voices, ensuring that their blog contributions are as diverse as possible. They include Top 10 features regularly and update their content at least once per month.

#17 Please Pass the Indie

Please Pass the Indie is an incredibly selective and exclusive music blog. However, it would be wrong to suggest they are pretentious. In fact, getting listed on their blog is a massive achievement because their screening process is relatively intense compared to other music blogs. They provide their audience with objective and detailed music reviews of original songs and playlists. They don’t have a huge following on social media either (which adds to the exclusivity), so if you want them to recognise you, you’ll need to reach out directly.

#18 StaticDive

StaticDive is an awesome independent music blog that features traditional tunes, like rock, pop and electronic, which are then blended with traditional indie sounds. They update their content regularly (around twice a day) and feature international artists. Based in the heart of New York City, StaticDive is also home to its eponymous artist, The Static Dive.

#19 indie-spoonful

indie-spoonful is another music blog that is incredibly selective of what they upload on their site. Each artist and song must pass through an intense screening process, thereby ensuring that everything on the site is of an objective, high standard.

#20 Indie Italy

Indie Italy is another great indie music blog, specifically designed for an Italian audience. Indeed, Italy has quite a strong and rapidly growing indie music scene, featuring some awesome bands and amazing musical talent. Indie Italy blend indie music vibes with Italian culture, representing one of the best one-stop locations for high quality Italian indie vibes.

#21 DJ Buddy Holly Blog

Based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, the DJ Buddy Holly Blog focuses indie music immersed with elements of DJ and house music. The blog features tips about DJing, as well as other relevant information about the music scene on the Gold Coast.

#22 A Life of Music.Rocks

A Life of Music.Rocks is all about indie music and festivals. They also upload awesome music reviews, albums, gigs and all things related to the world of music. The blog was started by its founders in England and has been around since May 2012. If you want a place that has all the latest information of new gigs or indie festivals coming up, this is certainly the blog for you.

#23 Hypebot

Hypebot is awesome because it posts frequent content specifically tailored for indie musicians. It isn’t just a blog space for new indie artists. In fact, Hypebot post about music businesses, music news and how technology is reshaping the music profession. Their posts are always highly detailed and insightful, however, each post comes with a comment section, so make sure you read the comment threads too for further detail. Sometimes, you can even pick up more from the comments than the actual article.

#24 Brooklyn Vegan

Brooklyn Vegan as founded in 2004 and is a New York City-centric music blog publication. They focus on providing their readers with interesting music news, reviews of live shows, tour dates of bands of all sizes and fame, tips, videos and general music gossip. While this indie blog is focused on music news, it is common for non-music news to creep onto the website.

#25 No Fear of Pop

No Fear of Pop was started in Berlin in early 2010. It is a blog about all types of music from any genre. They seek to push the boundaries of conventional music and test preconceptions about modern contemporary music (particularly mainstream tunes). The music on this site is not to be missed, especially if you’re getting a bit tired and bored with your current playlist. If you want something new that doesn’t conform to specific stereotypes, check out No Fear of Pop today.

#26 This Song Is Sick

This Song Is Sick is a music blog and service that strives to make it easier for current music listeners to find new, exciting music and artists. They work with an array of highly talented musicians and record labels all over the world, drawing on indie music as well as hip-hop and alternative. They have an established following well into the millions, which extends across 110 countries.

#27 Indie Voice Blog

Based in Montana, United States, Indie Voice Blog was founded by Bob Leggett. Bob has been a part of the music industry for close to 20 years, discovering, promoting and making new bands into superstars. India Voice Blog supports the indie music scene by providing detailed reviews, previews, features and awards for indie-specialist bands.

#28 Indie Minded

What is Indie Minded all about? Well, if you want the latest news in the indie music scene, as well as entertainment, fashion and more generic news, then Indie Minded is the place to start. Hear about all the latest gossip about your indie celebrities from this blog!

#29 Indie Folk Central

Indie Folk Central focuses on providing readers and followers with awesome folk music (think Passenger, The Lumineers or Mumford and Sons). In fact, if listening to tunes by Bon Iver or Of Monsters and Men appeals to you, then Indie Folk Central should be your go-to music blog.

#30 Drowned in Sound

The final entry in this mammoth list is Drowned In Sound – a UK-based independent music blog. They provide their fans with passionate, innovative and ground-breaking music, sourcing this from established artists and new talent.