Walt Disney NFT “Ape’s Hidden Mistress” AHM, Infinite Offers Of $3 Million for An NFT (A Mint Date Coming Soon)

Summary: AHM’s Solana based NFT Project’s mint date is in December 2021. The expected sell out time was 1 second, so they are offering a “fair system”. Also they changed their “Random Giveaway Rules.” Anyone can win a free NFT easily if they are online their Discord.

When the “Mint Date” comes in December 2021, the first set of 5,555 AHM Walt Disney’s NFT minters will be enjoying tremendous revenue and continuous earning.

In other words, everyone who mints even one of AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) NFT, whether they pay the minting fee of roughly $100 or receive a free NFT, will never have to work another day in their lives since it’s practically “winning the jackpot.”

Currently countless top stock brokers are paying $1 Million to $3 Million for those who will successfully mint an NFT in December. They are offering it for ANY of Ape’s Hidden Mistress NFT because technically they will be getting $15 Million at least within a year. It is suggested to not sell for their tempted price as any successful lucky minter will be making unimaginable money, possibly over $50 million within a year or two.

It’s a lottery winning NFT basically, as there are only 5,555 NFTs to be minted and all the minters will be online on the mint date for a “fair system to mint”. They announced this due to the experts saying “it will be sold out within a second”, therefore it is highly likely that there will be a fair system to ensure everyone has a chance to mint for only $100 in Solana.

Even though many investors are offering to pay several millions for a single NFT, it would be foolish to sell for $3 Million Dollars because if the lucky minter just waits 3-4 months, they should be making that big sum of money from a film that has been confirmed called “The Ape, Tarzan’s Hidden Mistress”.

“The Ape, Tarzan’s Hidden Mistress” is a spinoff of a Tarzan film that will have billions of viewers in Amazon Prime and Netflix. The earnings from these films will be given to all the original minters and that is where the “big money” comes from.

From only one film project, they can generate so much earning, but AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) has over 10 different projects that are still in discussion with Walt Disney. It is not a gamble, but a smart investment to never sell the minted NFT right away for only several million dollars.

A basic fund every month the first minters will receive is at least $15,000 monthly excluding all the other earnings they will receive too. “Many Wall Street Top Investors” are offering $3 Million for a reason.

More information is available on their Discord, Twitter, and website. Their random giveaways have a better chance of succeeding in the coming weeks because many prominent investors confirmed AHM will sell out in a matter of seconds. (If they don’t do fair mint system)

Now, there are some special events that Ape’s Hidden Mistress NFT Project is having. One of the many events is called “Random Free Mint Giveaway”.

Originally, as soon as they announced the event, tens of thousands of top Wall Street investors joined with a brand new Discord account. They are “Not” Discord users. They only registered in order to win that event, where just until now; it was “free giveaway including offline members”.

“This was an error. We made sure that even offline users could get free NFT. We weren’t expecting this outcome. Who’d have guessed that a daily random prize would attract 80% of non-Discord users?” Oliver Miller, one of the seven team leaders, commented.


The new rule is that “at a random time daily, for ONLINE USERS ONLY, there will be randomly picked winners for many free NFTs”. This gives a chance for anyone to win a free NFT, which is equal to $15 Million USD minimum within a year. (Unless you want to take an offer of $3 Million that countless investors are offering to buy right now)

You can participate now by joining. Here are the links to their Twitter & Discord.

“The new regulations have been implemented, and we will continue to give out free mints at random, but they will now be picked from an online Discord community. So every day, as we move closer to the mint day, we’ll give away more and more free mints, “Jon Wright said.

As a result, “as long as the user is online on Discord,” they will randomly “win a free NFT” (Jackpot)

Official website: https://www.ahm.global/

Link to their Twitter & Discord