Amalia Kadis talks about songwriting and her creative process

Amalia Kadis is a fresh and exciting voice talent in the music world, and she’s already made impressive strides with her songs ‘Dry Under The Sun’ and ‘GOODBYE feat. REDD’. Despite her production schedule being interrupted by COVID-19, Amalia stays positive and is eager to reconnect with her growing fanbase with new music she’s working on from home.

We asked Amalia some questions about her songwriting and more.

Hi Amalia, can you tell us a bit of background about how your love of music and signing developed? Were there any artists you grew up with that inspired you?

Hi, I’m not sure. I think it just developed naturally. My dad plays guitar, keyboard and love to sing. My brother is a songwriter.

Is there a particular creative process that you follow to create your music, for example, do you start with laying down the beat and then writing lyrics?

Haha, right. Like while cooking for example. I love cooking so much. Or while drinking tea (can’t live without it). The beats idea is coming from my buddies, my partners, my friends, my brother. We’re working with lots of people.

Your new single ‘GOODBYE feat. REDD’ sounds like a chill club track as well as something you can relax with; how did you strike this balance?


The credit is going to REDD. He was the one who makes the beats ready.  And I love listening and enjoying stuff like that. It gives you good feeling like a shot of adrenaline. It makes you want to move and just be happy you know.

Your previous release ‘Dry Under The Sun’ is a very emotional track, what inspired the lyrics?

Dry Under The Sun - Amalia Kadis

Hmmm, my past? I think. Well, in a good way. I mean your past isn’t always something sweet to remember. Travel back a little and you’ll appreciate what you have now. We learn from it, learn to appreciate and value ourselves better. Every moment, even every short stories are ideas to write a song.

How have you managed to stay connected with fans and continue working on your music during the COVID-19 pandemic?

I’m so new, I’m not sure if there are real fans out there hahaha! But people are listening to the music, yes.

So, by the way, this horrible pandemic is nightmares for all of us. People can’t work and can’t really do things. My projects that I have started from last year also got postponed. I am working from home now making music that I’m hoping to release in May.

I hope that this crazy pandemic will end soon!

Amalia thank you for your time!

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