Beauty expert Maya Darwiche of MD-Esthetics is changing her customers lives with her beauty enhancement skills

Looking and feeling your best has the ability to drastically improve your life. Beauty professional Maya Darwiche’s customers know this, and, thanks to her expertise, are able to love the way that they look and feel confident in themselves. With extensive training in the art of makeup and beauty, Darwiche has built her own business from the ground up. Based in Livonia, Michigan, MD-Esthetics offers a range of traditional, semi-permanent and permanent beauty enhancement services to fulfil the needs of any customer and improve the quality of their lives.

Although Darwiche has explored a variety of different career paths, she notes that makeup and beauty was the thing she was truly passionate about. After spending some time working for Ford Motor Company and later getting a teaching degree and working in a high school, Darwiche realized that she had to follow her dreams. With four young kids at home, she decided to prioritize family and spend time working on her own passions. This was the catalyst for her pursuing beauty training and building her own business, MD-Esthetics, which has continued to grow into one of the most notable clinics in Michigan.

Darwiche had always been interested in makeup and it was her experience at Mary Kay Cosmetics that truly inspired her to train as an aesthetician. After a few career changes, Darwiche fulfilled her dream of becoming an internationally certified PMU (permanent makeup) expert. With beauty enhancements becoming increasingly popular, Darwiche has made it her mission to ensure that each and every customer she serves leaves thrilled with the way that they look.

MD-Esthetics offers a range of services for anyone looking for beauty enhancement work. Microblading, eyebrow shading, permanent lip blush and scalp micropigmentation are just some of the wonderful services on offer at the salon. Darwiche is aware of the huge impact that services like this can have on people. Whether it’s nicely done eyebrows, scalp micropigmentation or any other enhancement, the opportunity for people to love their appearance is extremely valuable for building self-confidence and happiness. Thanks to Darwiche and her team’s expert services, her customers can walk away feeling their best.

Not only do MD-Esthetics have a team of experts ready to serve you, they also provide training courses for others interested in beauty and looking to get certified. Offering courses in microblading, lash lift and tint, and other varieties of cosmetic tattooing, MD-Esthetics ensure that their students get the extensive training necessary to deliver these services to customers.

Male or female, beauty is important to people. With expert salons like MD-Esthetics, run by a friendly and experienced team, anyone has the ability to walk away feeling confident in their looks. Aestheticians like Darwiche are changing lives with their beauty services and giving people the satisfaction that they can look their best.