Bishop Battle’s new single ‘Temptress’ is an enticing treat for the ears

‘Temptress’ is the latest single from Cincinnati based artist (and frontman for the rock band ‘Continua’) Bishop Battle, a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter who is best known for his blend of synthesizer-based dark electro-pop infused with smooth, captivating vocals.

Having been a college football player, U.S. Marine, and actor in the past, he has a multitude of life experiences to draw on as an artist, and has been compared to a modern-day Depeche Mode in his sound, incorporating edgy darkwave compositions with his alternative-styled vocals, thereby creating a signature sound that is unique to any of his contemporaries.

‘Temptress’ is seductively downtempo when compared to the rest of Bishop Battle’s catalogue, as it begins enticingly with minimal piano, dirty bass, and a punchy beat to accompany the first verse, foreshadowed by a catchy guitar riff at 22 seconds.

The track intensifies at 55 seconds, with all the teased out elements coming together to form an alluring mix of sound, in which Bishop’s soaring vocals are complimented aptly by a tantalizing guitar counter-melody. The hook also blends in a choir of backing vocals supporting the chorus, with the lyrics referencing the inescapable grasp of his “spellbinding temptress.”  The track takes on an even more intimate tone at the 1:40 mark, with his emotionally revealing lyrical choices accompanied by a gently strummed acoustic guitar and adoring strings arrangement, before reverting back to an introspective verse and circling back to the final chorus at 3:07.

Overall, the track is a strong addition to Bishop Battle’s music catalogue that showcases even more diversity in the kind of tracks he can produce.

Whatever mood Bishop Battle seeks to achieve with his music, he is able to do so with an impressive blend of studio production talent, lyrical wizardry, and raw vocal ability.

Listen to Temptress here