Cyril Gaillard of Fyrebox continues to innovate online education strategies through his online quiz platform

Online quizzes are quickly becoming one of the most useful online learning tools available. Cyril Gaillard developed his platform Fyrebox after realizing this back in 2011. Gaillard created an educational game for his niece that helped her learn French in a fun way and noticed what an essential yet underutilized implement online quizzes were. This led him to developing a platform that would cater to both schools and businesses and deliver an online learning experience that was engaging for participants and provided beneficial data for teachers or companies. With online learning becoming of increasing importance in schools particularly, Fyrebox has become a crucial tool for delivering education.

Quizzes can be created in a matter of minutes and are customizable depending on the requirements of the teacher. For students, the quizzes are a fun way to test their knowledge and enjoy the learning process. On top of being a valuable way to learn, the quizzes provide teachers with data on individual students or the class as a whole that allows them to identify points of weakness in their learning. The ability to gain immediate feedback on how a child is performing and how they are understanding the content being taught allows problems to be identified and addressed faster. This makes the learning experience much more efficient for teachers and students alike.

Continuing to find ways to improve the quiz platform, Cyril Gaillard and his team at Fyrebox have also introduced a method of distributing the quizzes that is particularly appealing for the younger generation. The quizzes are available in messaging format, one that young people will be familiar with and excited to use. The focus on concise content to maintain attention ensures that students remain engaged and enthusiastic about finishing the quiz. A chatbot is used to simulate human conversation and make it appear as though a human is typing the questions in real time for the students to answer. This makes students less likely to drop out and is also the perfect method for delivering quizzes via mobile phone. Fyrebox recognizes the importance of mobile phones and the way in which people use messaging apps to communicate. Through utilizing these apps as a mode of delivering quizzes, people are more likely to engage and learn from them.

Increasing engagement rates of users is the main focus of Fyrebox and Cyril Gaillard and it is this commitment to innovation that sets Fyrebox apart from others. Quizzes are an increasingly crucial tool for teaching and, through Fyrebox, can be implemented creatively and easily.