Hiphop Artist !Neco Is Taking 2022 Head On

!Neco is a trap artist originally from Osnabrueck, Germany. However, he has lived in a few other places but happily returned to his hometown, where he makes music. He discovered trap sounds sometime around 2017-2018, and it didn’t take long for him to be completely hooked. According to the artist, starting to make rap beats was the best decision of his life, and it feels like he was a perfect fit for this kind of music and style, knowing that he had to do something in style, which resonated with him perfectly. He quickly mastered the art of making trap beats, and his sound went on to explore a more melodic, at times even darker side of the genre.

Today, !Neco is ready to welcome a new year with a great release: fwb. This release is remarkable because the artist treated the audience to a remarkably diverse listening experience. He has a wide range of musical influences that define his sound, and as a result, fwb feels like a genuinely eclectic taste of what !Neco can bring it to the table. In addition to the artist’s impressive inventiveness, fwb also boasts a genuinely excellent approach to production. The sound is clear and impeccable, and it feels like the mixes are well-constructed, with pretty much everything the song needs to stand out and provide the audience with a more immersive listening experience.

fwb is one of the artist’s most recent studio singles, as he has posted quite a range of different releases to streaming services in recent times. However, what makes this recent effort by !Neco stands out is that it is still going strong, with nearly 160.000 streams on Spotify alone! This is about 3 times the stream count of his second most famous song, “Barber” (which also happens to be an absolute banger). So, what makes fwb so incredibly successful with such a good response from the audience? Well, for one thing, the song has a perfect structure, which will immediately lure people in from the get-go. There is something extraordinary about a piece that can bring so much variety of vision in under 3 minutes, and fwb is a perfect example.

Great music is essential, but it is not the whole story. !Neco is a truly one-of-a-kind artist because he does not solely aim to entertain the audience. Still, he also wants to inspire and engage people, giving them something more than just a tuneful melody to listen to.

You should most definitely give this new release a proper go, especially if you do enjoy the work of artists as diverse as Juice WRLD, XXXTENTACION, and Lil Peep, only to mention but a few. Find out more about !Neco, do not miss out on fwb, which is currently available on some of the world’s best digital music streaming platforms.