Holysaint Is Making Waves In The Italian Music Scene

We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a one-of-a-kind musician who has been making considerable waves in the Italian music scene and beyond. Marco Gagliardi is an Italian music producer specializing in electronic music under the stage name Holysaint. Here are the answers he gave to some of our most burning questions.

Hi Marco, can you tell us about your upbringing before deciding to become a music producer?

My name is Marco Gagliardi aka Holysaint and I’m an Italian music producer. I started when I was only 16, without any teaching. I remember every time I came back from school, I locked myself in my room trying to create songs that could be really emotional; trying to improve myself more and more every day.

My desire to produce was born in 2013, when I was 13. I remember that Skrillex had a great impact on me at that time. Thanks to him I really loved electronic music.

Where did the artistic name ‘Holysaint’ come from?

The reason why my artistic name is Holysaint is very simple. It’s not for religious reasons. The reason is simply because as a name it’s cool and sounds good.

How do you describe your style of music?

When I started my career in 2016, I was only producing Dubstep music. Then, after years of producing dubstep, I also made other genres including Future Bass, Electro Pop, Dance, Alternative, Deep House. I would describe my style as constantly evolving. I am a person who is often bored and always in need of new motivation.

What are some of the messages you explore with your music?

I always try to express what I feel through my songs. So, I try to make the listener identify with my vision. As advice for all artists…don’t dedicate many songs to your partners because then when you break up it will be a big problem… yes, I say it because unfortunately I know the problem.

Who are your favorite people that you like to collaborate with?

I have worked with many artists and professionals. All of them have made my album possible.  They are definitely my favorite people.

As I said, I’m a big fan of Skrillex. So, it would be a dream for me to collaborate with him. If I make music, it’s only thanks to him. As for other artists that I certainly love, there is Eminem. He is truly a phenomenon, and with his songs, he always excites the listener. I have listened to his songs a million times and every time is always like the first.

In your opinion, what are the most vital things to successfully running a record label?

In my opinion, a record label certainly needs to enter the artist’s mind. To be successful it must believe in the sickest and most original projects. Many labels are afraid to experiment with new styles. This is a big mistake, in my opinion. The listener always wants to hear something new and cool.

What is the message you want to share with your “You’ll Never Ever Fall” piece?

When I did that song I was a bit sad. I was talking about the problems that exist in relationships. With those slightly melancholy melodies, I wanted to convey the confidence in solving problems; even if it’s not easy.

What was the process behind making the music for “Broken Chains”?

The song Broken Chains (unfortunately like most of the love songs I’ve done) was dedicated to my ex-girlfriend. For this project, I have to thank the singer Erisse. She interpreted my thoughts very well. In my life, I’ve never been good at expressing my feelings to other people, and that’s why I dedicated this piece. I wanted to express what I felt with a song.

What can fans expect next from Holysaint?

This is the year I get my revenge. I’m full of ideas and very furious. Now, I don’t play anymore. I will turn all my suffering into something magical. Stay connected.


Holysaint, or Marco Gagliardi, is a relatively new addition to the electronic music scene, and unlike many artists, he is constantly evolving his creative process. From Future Bass to Dubstep, you can find Holysaint’s music at li.sten.to/holysaint. We recommend getting to it quickly. He’s on a path to international success and making an impact on the music industry, already. You can also check the music below: