“Using Trauma to Thrive” by Baz Porter is part memoir, part self-help guide

Famed transformational coach and motivational speaker Baz Porter is finally releasing a book about his experiences overcoming adversity, packing it in with actionable advice that readers can apply to their own lives. Set for release on 12/12/2020, the book is being eagerly pre-ordered by Baz’s long time followers as well as those who are just now discovering his teachings.

After returning home from the British Army in 2004, Baz dealt with plenty of challenges both inside his head and in the world around him. Via the integration of his extraordinary life experience, Baz has since been able to navigate past the challenges that plagued him and is now inspiring breakthroughs in others, something he is now extremely passionate about.

His new book “Using Trauma to Thrive” is the natural next-step for Baz. Since he is already renowned in his speaking and coaching roles – it was time for him to pass on his teachings in written form, and he hopes the release of the book will further perpetuate the ripple-effect of his individual and collective teachings that have been globally recognized.

In combination with his podcast, Baz hopes the book will help to stimulate even more growth in his enlightened community. With the way the world looks and feels right now, Baz is determined that his teachings are even more relevant than ever before.

In his writing, Baz takes a conversational and empathetic approach. Recounting his personal journey of overcoming adversity, Baz ties in actionable steps readers can follow that make the book one part memoir, one part self-help guide.

The book is not just for PTSD suffers, as anyone can learn important lessons about overcoming adversity by reading it. While he recounts his personal experiences in the book, he relates all of it back to daily life and ensures that there are valuable insights that anyone can take away from it.

The book can be pre-ordered here for release on 12/12/20.