Stand up comedy actor Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker’s Full Name

What is Chris Tucker’s full name?

Chris Tucker’s full name is Christopher Tucker. He goes by the shorter nickname ‘Chris’ in his professional career which is likely much more memorable than his full name.

Chris Tucker’s Age

What is Chris Tucker’s age?

Chris Tucker was born on the 31st August, 1971 and is currently 48 years of age. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He rose to fame in the 1990s in his 20s. At almost 50 he is starting to show his age but still looks youthful. His career has started to decline as he has gotten older.

Chris Tucker’s Family

Chris Tucker family
Chris Tucker with Richard Kasesela, Wikimedia Commons

Who is Chris Tucker’s family?

Chris Tucker is the younger son of parents Norris Tucker and Mary Louise (nee Bryant). He has six siblings and learned to be humorous to draw attention to himself at school and at home. His father was an entrepreneur who owned a janitorial service. His brother Dexter Tucker is an actor who also performs stand-up comedy.

Chris Tucker’s education

Where did Chris Tucker go to school?

Chris Tucker great up in Decatur, Georgia and went to school there. He graduated from Columbia High School and then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy and acting. He has said that he was influenced early on by Eddie Murphy and Richard Pyor. He was known at school for doing impressions of Murphy Michael Jackson and other celebrities.

Chris Tucker’s Residence

Where does Chris Tucker live?

Chris Tucker lives in a home worth $3,800,00, set across 6,549 square feet the home features 5 bedroom and 7.5 bathrooms. The property features a library, home theatre. Upstairs game room and views of the city.The home also features a pool, spa and lavish water features.

Chris Tucker’s height and weight

Chris Tucker height and weight
Chris Tucker au festival de Cannes, Georges Biard, Wikimedia Commons

What was Chris Tucker’s height and weight?

Chris Tucker is approximately 6 feet and half inches tall or 184 cm, making him quite tall by Hollywood standards. He weighs in at around 83kg’s, so is quite tall and slim. Whilst he has never had an overly bulky frame he is quite muscular.

Chris Tucker’s nationality

What nationality is Chris Tucker?

Chris Tucker was born in the United States and is African American. He appeared on the show African American Lives to find out about his genealogy and ancestry. DNA testing showed that Chris Tucker has African, European and Native American ancestors. His patriarchal line was traced back to the Ambundu ethnic group from Angola and his mother’s line was traced to Bamileke of Cameroon.

Chris Tucker’s religion

What religion does Chris Tucker follow?

Chris Tucker grew up in a Pentecostal Christian household; his parents were both members of the Church of God in Christ when he was a child. Tucker became a born-again Christian in 1997 and has changed his performances since finding faith. He now avoids cussing or being overly raunchy in his movies roles and comedy acts.

Chris Tucker’s fame

What is Chris Tucker famous for?

Chris Tucker is famous for being an American actor and stand-up comedian. He frequently performed stand-up comedy in the 1990s and later appeared in a number of films including the popular Rush Hour film series and as Smokey in Friday.

Chris Tucker’s early career

How did Chris Tucker’s career start?

Chris Tucker career started with stand-up comedy performances in local Atlanta comedy clubs. He later moved to Los Angeles at 19 to help further his stand-up comedy career. By 1992 he was frequently performing on Def Comedy Jam. He made his first film debut in House Party 3. He later gained more recognition when he appeared alongside Ice Cube in Friday and later alongside Charlie Sheen in Money Talks. He also played a role in Jackie Brown.

Chris Tucker’s breakthrough role

What was Chris Tucker’s breakthrough role?

Chris Tucker’s breakthrough role was in the 1998 martial arts comedy film, Rush Hour in the role of LAPD detective James Carter. He appeared in two sequels afterwards. The films were a commercial success and earned Chris Tucker a $20 million and $25 million dollar salary for Rush Hour 2 and 3. He also received 20% of the gross from Rush Hour 3.

Chris Tucker’s continued film success

Chris Tucker continued film success
Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith at the Jackie Chan Hand and Foot Print Ceremony, TCL Chinese Theater, Hollywood, CA 06-06-13. Source: S_bukley, Bigstock

What has Chris Tucker done since his breakthrough role?

Chris Tucker chose not to reprise his role as Smokey in Next Friday (2002) and Friday After Next (2002) and later appeared in Michael Jackson’s video ‘You Rock My World’ and made an appearance in Tupac Shakur’s ‘California Love’. He also participated in a celebrity game of NBA basketball. He starred in Mr. S: My Life with Frank Sinatra. He appeared in 2011’s Silver Linings Playbook and in 2016 he appeared in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. Chris Tucker has not appeared in anything in recent years but is due to perform at the Detroit Fox Theatre in 2020. Recently he has sparked rumours of a Rush Hour reunion with Jackie Chan after a photo of the pair holding up their hands to symbolise number four was seen.

Chris Tucker’s net worth

What is Chris Tucker’s net worth?

Chris Tucker was at one point the highest paid actor in Hollywood – back in 2007. Nowadays he is at the top of the list for financially struggling celebrities in 2019, with a negative net worth of approximately $11.5 million which he owes to the IRS for back taxes. He has had to mortgage some of his property in the hopes of paying back the taxes that he owes to the IRS. His tax debt struggles have been ongoing, in 2014 he settled a $2.5 million dollar tax debt with the IRS. His money troubles have been attributed to money mismanagement and bad accounting. His net worth has suffered due to the slow-down of his film career. He says that it has been difficult because he no longer accepts raunchy roles or does comedy that involves cussing or bad language.

Chris Tucker’s personal life

Chris Tucker personal life
Chris Tucker and his mother at the Los Angeles Premiere of “Rush Hour 3”. Mann’s Chinese Theater, Hollywood, CA. Source: S_Bukley, Bigstock.

Who has Chris Tucker married?

Chris Tucker married wife Azja Pyror, an American casting director, the couple split up in 2012. The couple have a son together name Destin who went to live with his mother after the separation between Chris Tucker and his ex-wife.

Who has Chris Tucker dated?

Chris Tucker has previously been romantically linked to Colombian actress and model Vanessa Mendoza whom he dated in 2005 and American actress Nia Long who he was rumoured to have dated in the noughties. Nia Long is famous for her roles in films such as Big Momma’s House and Are We There Yet? He was also rumoured to have dated Gelila Asres a producer. Chris Tucker was recently dating the niece of Donnie Simpson, Cinnie Simpson. They were rumoured to be engaged in 2015 but the engagement was later broken off. Cinnie Simpson is a new anchor in the Atlanta area. Most recently he has been dating Jarneen Chaney Brown, an actress from Atlanta who owns her own Marketing firm. The couple first went public in 2016. The couple were spotted arm-in-arm in 2018 so appear to still be a happy couple. The couple keep things quiet on social media and do not feature each other regularly in photos.

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