Best places to find new music

There is so much new music created every year, there is just no way that you would be able to listen to all the new songs that you would like. With so much new music it can be difficult to even know where to start looking! We all know the feeling of discovering a new artist or song and listening to it on repeat.

Finding new music is so much easier these days with the internet and websites dedicated to finding you the music it thinks you will like. It means less time searching for a needle in a haystack to find that new tune that you can add to your playlist.

You probably have your favourite playlist or songs that you turn to on a regular basis, but it is important to branch out and try something new every now and again because you don’t know what you could be missing out on! It doesn’t even have to be new music from the biggest and most popular artists, it could be older music or from a relatively unknown artist that you fall in love with.

The good news is that there are plenty of places you can find new music from, so if you are in the mood to change it up a bit, then it has become pretty easy. Don’t forget to try outside your usual genre as well, you might be surprised with what is available, with a lot of songs now mixing it up and blending genres, just take Old Town Road for example.

So, to make the process of finding your next song or artist to obsess over easier, have a look below at some of the best ways you can find new music:

The radio

While the typical radio will probably only play the latest hits that you have already heard before, it could be a good idea to try a more unique radio that is fairly specific. Take a chill out radio for example, here they would only play the best chill or relaxing songs. So you know you aren’t just getting the typical pop songs played over and over again in a continual loop.

There are even lots of online radios these days, so you only need your computer or phone to listen to what they are playing. Different radios tend to put their own unique spin on the type of songs they play. So, if you don’t like the type of songs that are playing then switch to another radio channel and see if that is more up your alley.

Music review sites

There are stacks of online music review sites that have a lot of information about new music, as well as reviews on some of the classics. Some music review sites let your average Joe’s give their opinion and review music, while others are done by professionals in the industry.

Each review site has their own individual way of reviewing music, so if you think you’ve found a tune that has tickled your fancy, then check around on other review sites to see what they have to say. However, it is still important to note that these are just other people’s opinion and you can make your own judgment call on the artist or song.

At a party or club

These are two typical places that you would expect to hear music playing. While normally it is more of the traditional pop music playing, you might end up catching a few gems. This is where the trusty Shazam app comes into play. With Shazam you can find out what the song is in just a matter of seconds, then you can add that new song to your playlist quick smart.

You may even be able to find older hits, especially if the party you are going to is themed say by the decade, i.e. an 80s party. Just even going out and about is a good way to find new music you might like, so make sure you keep your ear peeled for anything interesting.


This individual site is one of the go to places to help you find new music. The shear amount of music available on here (from professionals as well as amateurs) is simply incredible. On this site you can find radio shows, mixes and everything in between.

The easiest way to search for a new mix is to add in your tags, this can be the name of a particular artist or genre of the type of music you are looking for. With this information Mixcloud gives you the most relevant mix. So, if you have put in enough tags then you should get the type of music you’d like to listen to.

You can even follow particular users that you enjoy the most so you can be aware as soon as they upload new music. If you enjoyed that music, Mixcloud will offer you suggestions on other music you may like as well as other recommended people to follow.

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Photo: Wellington Cunha, Pexels.


There is a stack of music related apps that are out there and can help you find new music that you will love. Even your typical music streaming apps, like Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora will put together a mix of favourites that they think you will like based off of what you are currently listening to, how great is that? All the hard work is already done for you!

Other music related apps are also there to help you find new music, so make sure you give them a try out as well if you are ever really struggling to find something new to listen to. Sometimes if you can’t find any good new music to listen to, then you can create your own (if that is something you are into!), there are lots of apps for that!

Movies and TV shows

New music doesn’t always get found when you are avidly searching for it, even watching a movie or TV show will help you find some new tunes you didn’t even know you were looking for. Again this is where an app like Shazam comes in, hopefully you’ll be able to Shazam the song quick enough or have the ability to pause and rewind to capture enough of the song for Shazam to get a hit.

Lots of blockbuster movies are known to have blockbuster music so make sure you keep a listen out for them. There is certainly more music in movies especially then you think there is, so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to find a good new song.


YouTube is all about videos, and you’ll certainly be able to find new music on here. Even if you type “new music” into the search bar, you’ll get stacks of videos to sift through. Once you’ve found a song or artist you can then drill down your search.

YouTube also has recommended video options down the side of the screen with other similar music that you might like. So make sure you don’t ignore them and take a look at what else may be on offer for you to listen to.